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About Me

Weaving captivating digital experiences, crafting standout brands, and optimizing product journeys for startups and organizations since 2016.

I don't just aim to meet your expectations; I thrive on exceeding them when creating exceptional product designs, elevating your brand, and enhancing digital user experiences experiences to drive customer acquisition and retention to maximize business outcomes.

Years of Valuable Experience in Product, UI/UX, Brand and Digital Design

Years of Combined Experience in Hospitality, Customer Service and Leadership roles



Human-Centered AI Podcast

Producing Live Event Podcasts on LinkedIn with Senior UX Researcher Yan Vishnepolsky and UX Instructor Laura Barboza.


  • Shed light on how AI can be incorporated into UX Research and Design (with specific examples).

  • Share tools, resources, and case studies with the community

  • People and AI collaboration promotion (human-centered, ethical AI, not replacing practitioners but enhancing their skill set)

  • Bring equity and inclusivity into AI to promote someone’s best work

Side Projects
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