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Develop a creative concept visually communicating how Tweed's cannabis products fit everyone's lifestyle. From sophisticated to casual experiences, this agency offers affordable services to many customers. It was essential to build a unique identity that displayed the agency's ability to do clever work adaptable to both realms of the scale.


Introducing new products on the market but cannot show lifestyle elements.

The Brief & Challenge

Proposed Concept

The Tweed label concept focused on the idea that Tweed has a specific suit designed for you. It is a concept that has depth and uses humour and intrigue to engage with the customer.

Try it on — Campaign

National Marketing Campaign, Poster Ads and Digital Banners

Tweed (Penelope Strain)
The idea was to present a parallel with a standard label tag you would find on a piece of clothing. Here, I demonstrate a tweed jacket style and accentuate the idea that it is tailored for a specific audience. In this case, Penelope is tailored for the first-timers.

Size = First-timer

Style = Penelope

The tweed fabric has many colours catering to different types of individuals, representing first-timers.

Concept Example

Tweed National Ad Campaign (creative concept)


Tweed was founded by Bruce Linton and Chuck Rifici in 2013 and renamed Canopy Growth Corporation in 2015 after a merger with Bedrocan Canada.

Canopy Growth was the first federally regulated, licensed, publicly traded cannabis producer in North America. In 2021, Canopy Growth generated 620 million in revenue. 

Canopy Growth — Tweed



PJ Zito (Brand/Digital Designer)

Joanne Gallup (Creative Lead)

Mathieu Robin (Art Director)

Adam Lalama (Copywriter)


Illustrator, Photoshop


Creative Thinking, Visual Designs

My Role

As a brand and digital designer, I worked on multiple marketing projects.

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