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Tweed Emails



Chapter 1 –––––– WHAT I WAS SOLVING

An external agency provided the initial email templates for Tweed, but they quickly became outdated. There were opportunities to improve the overall user experience, as not all the best UI/UX practices had been implemented into the designs.​



Conducting a thorough audit of the existing design elements to identify areas that need improvement and make necessary updates to enhance the overall user experience by incorporating the latest UI/UX practices into the designs.​

My Process

Chapter 3 –––––– NOW WHAT ?

  1. Organized meetings with the digital, engineering and design teams to discuss current issues and brainstorm solutions. 

  2. Consolidated feedback and designed the first round of iterations 

  3. I thoroughly revised every module template previously provided by the external agency. I updated and designed module templates to meet stakeholder and business needs. I made the necessary adjustments to correspond to the needs of current customers, businesses, and stakeholders.

  4. Led a follow-up/retrospect meeting with the digital team, discussed the process, and flagged new areas of improvement.


Email Template Visuals

I design templates visuals and email layouts for marketing and sales initiatives.


Optimized Body Modules and CTAs

I improve the user experience of call-out body modules and adapted the header modules to align with an e-commerce approach, I ensured they include essential elements such as a current location CTA and a shop CTA that facilitates sales and effectively drives user engagement and conversions. 


Email Designs system and Guidelines

I designed a user-friendly interactive pdf document with specific categories (i.e. writer's templates, designer/dev templates), which contain best practices and naming conventions to facilitate navigation and eliminate confusion during the briefing process.


Email Template Files and Components

I built email templates in Adobe XD to establish consistent and accurate module templates that adhere to the specified specifications and define clear guidelines to ensure that the provided templates align with Tweed's branding and design standards.


Chapter 3 –––––– AND?

  • Enhanced the usability of Tweed's email interface during the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching over 22,000 customers in the first week.

  • Standardizing module templates has facilitated locating and proposing accurate modules for the creative team, streamlining workflow and improving efficiency. 

  • Implement naming conventions and a logical structure that facilitates easy navigation and identification of modules has streamlined the process for the marketing team to request and work with specific modules when communicating their needs to the creative team.

Tweed Website


I was responsible for designing web assets for the Tweed website. I worked on product imagery, illustrations, UI design, and photography that enhanced Tweed's website's overall user experience.


To maximize brand visibility, we collaborated with one of our third-party partners’ Fire and Flower. They are a third-party retail company that owns cannabis retail shop locations across Ontario.


I designed the Tweed brand page hosted on the Fire and Flower’s website. I built the desktop interface in sketch and made it mobile responsive.

Tweed Landing Page

Tweed Collective Website


Digital Products & Designs to Improve User Engagement & Retention

Tweed is a cannabis brand under the umbrella of Canopy Growth, the first federally regulated, licensed, publicly traded cannabis producer in North America. Its current revenue is $1.67 billion.

My Role
As a Brand and Visual Designer for Tweed, I designed Tweed emails, digital ads and brand visuals. I took the initiative to revamp their email templates to improve the user experience.


Increase email user engagement and product sales.

Canopy Growth – Tweed

2019 – 2020


PJ Zito


Adobe XD, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop


Tco Website, Landing page, Marketing Emails, Visual Designs

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